First name Last name Type of expert Expertise Organization Language(s) Time zone
JJ Eldridge Astrophysicist Stars, supernovae, binary stars University of Auckland +11
Alexandra Colón-Rodríguez Neurotoxicologist Neurotoxicology, gene environment interaction, neurological disease University of California, Davis -8
Paulina Carmona-Mora Biochemist Epigenetics, human genomics, molecular biology, cell biology University of California, Davis -8
Richard Prather Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience childrens cognitive development, childrens brain development, education University of Maryland -5
Manuel Hernandez Climatologist Paleoclimate, climate modeling, climate dynamics, climate change, monsoons University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill -5
Erika Gonzalez Physiologist Researcher in trauma induced coagulopathy, TBI University of Texas Health Science Center -6
Candiss Williams Soil chemist, water chemist Soil modeling, landscape modeling, nutrient transport, dynamic soil properties, land use, management effects on soil and water quality, carbon and nitrogen dynamics, phosphorus USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service -6
Jessilyn Dunn Biomedical Engineer mobile health, precision medicine, biomedical data science Stanford University English -7
Rajini Rao Biomedical Scientist membrane biochemistry and biophysics, physiology, breast cancer, neurodegeneration, STEM women, PhD training Johns Hopkins University United States
Renee Hlozek Astrophysicist Cosmology, dark matter, dark energy, CMB physics, inflation, astrostatistics University of Toronto -5
Lola Eniola-Adefeso Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Chemical Engineering Nanomedicince, targeted drug delivery, Cardiovascular disease, blood cancer University of Michigan -5
Yanina Tsenkina Neuroscience, Regenerative medicine Neurodegeneration, neuroregeneration, Animal models, Drug development, CNS trauma, Age-related neurodegeneration University of Miami Miller School of Medicine -5
Deanna Hence Atmospheric Scientist hazardous weather, mesoscale meteorology, convective systems, tropical cyclones, hurricanes University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign -6
Aadita Chaudhury Engineering, environment, ecology, some biology Engineering, environment, ecology, some biology, social studies of science and technology York University -5
Chinonye Nnakwe Cancer Biologist DNA Damage Signalling, Tech Commercialization, Innovation Education, Entrepreneurship Education AAAS -5
S. Mason Garrison Quantitative Psychologist statistics, health inequity, personality, intelligence, behavior genetics Vanderbilt University English, Latin -6
Vivian Hecht Computational biologist, biological engineer Epigenetics, neuroscience, immunology, computational biology, microfluidics Broad Institute -5
Ayshwarya Subramanian Computational Biologist bioinformatics, computational biology, statistics Broad Institute -5
Eithne Kavanagh Primatologist Dominance Style and Communication in Chimpanzees and Bonobos University of York 0
Rosie Alegado Microbiologist Evolution of host-microbe interactions, coastal microbial ecology, choanoflagellates University of Hawaii at Manoa English, Hawaiian -10
Stephanie Borgland Life sciences neurobiological mechanisms of motivational systems ( obesity, overeating, addiction), endocannabinoids, dopamine neurotransmission, synaptic transmission University of Calgary -7
Chris Gunter Geneticist Human genetics, genomics, autism, science communication, science publishing, ASD, engagement Emory University School of Medicine -5
Jennifer Glass Biogeochemist, microbiologist Environmental microbiology, geochemistry Georgia Institute of Technology -5
Thea Bechshoft Biologist Arctic, polar bear, marine mammals, toxicology, pollution, hormones, minimally invasive health biomarkers University of Alberta +1
Jessica Deshler Mathematician, Mathematics Educator Teaching & learning of undergraduate mathematics, professional development West Virgnia University -5
Tessa Hill Oceanography Climate change, ocean acidification, paleoclimate University of California, Davis -8
Emily Williams Avian Ecologist Bird migration, dispersal, behavior National Park Service +1
Elizabeth Carlen Evolutionary Biologist urban evolution, pigeons Fordham University -5
Elle Barnes Ecologist, biologist Urban ecosystems, microbiome, wildlife disease, community ecology Fordham University -5
Phoebe Barnard Global change ecologist, conservation biologist, sustainability strategist Biodiversity, climate change, ornithology, sustainability Pacific Biodiversity Institute and University of Washington -8
Seun Ajiboye pharmacologist science policy, oral health research International and American Associations for Dental Research -5
Lisa Williams Psychologist Social Psychology, Emotions University of New South Wales +10
Susan E. Campbell infectious disease, healthcare transformation, clinical informatics Care Management Professionals -5
Soledad Undurraga Plant geneticist, biotechnologist Plant environmental stress, mineral nutrition, microsatellite repeats, flowering, circadian clock, phylogenomics. Catholic University of Chile -4
Michela Paganini Physicist deep learning, machine learning, high energy physics, particle physics Yale University English, Italian -7
Anastasia Yanchilina Climate change , geochemist Paleoceanography, isotope geochemistry Weizmann Institute of Science
Tora Smulders-Srinivasan Biomedical Science Biomedical Science, stem cells, mitochondria, development, Drosophila, Parkinson's Disease Teesside University English 0
Michele Bannister Astronomer Planets, outer Solar System, evolution of planetary systems Queen's University Belfast 0
Courtney Warren Climate Scientist Paleoclimate, biogeochemistry, proxy development, Pliocene Yale University -5
Steven Reilly Genomicist Human Evolution, Population Genetics, Regulatory Biology Broad Institute, Harvard -5
Valentina Alarcon Genomicist, Molecular Biology, Virology Transcriptional Regulation, Genomic Drop Seq Broad Institute -5
Sara Cannon marine biologist/ecologist coral reefs, coral reef ecology, coral bleaching, marine resource use, macroalgae, threats to coral reefs University of British Columbia English -8
Farhana Sultana Geographer Water crises, scarcity, governance, Climate change, adaptation, politics, Sustainability, Sustainable Development Syracuse University -5
Melissa Pasquinelli Scientist molecular modeling, green chemistry, polymer materials, environmental effects of polymers and textiles, recycling, degradation, North Carolina State University English -5
Aggie Turlo Veterinarian, Biologist tendon biology, stress injuries, musculoskeletal biology, racehorses University of Liverpool, Institute of Aging and Chronic Disease United Kingdom 0
Karen James Biologist Genetics, Genomics, DNA barcoding, DNA sequencing, Citizen science, Plants, Molecular ecology, Systematics, Evolution, Charles Darwin, Natural history, Twitter N/A (self-employed) English -5
Donna Vogel Science Career Educator Professional development and skill-building, reproductive medicine, male infertility Johns Hopkins Medicine -4
Sabrina Agarwal bioarchaeologist, biological anthropologist evolution of women's health, bone biology, human burials, bioarchaeology, osteology, Medieval Europe University of California, Berkeley -8
Francis Ligler Biomedical Engineer Biomedical microdevices, regenerative medicine, artificial blood vessels. North Carolina State University -5
Sabine Hossenfelder Physicist Gravity, quantum gravity, cosmology, quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, particle physics Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies English, German +1
Joana Caldeira Biologist Cancer, development, gastric cancer, regenerativa medicine, drosophila, los back pain, intervertebral disc, extracellular matrix i3S English, Spanish, Portuguese
Charly Machemehl Sport historian History of sport and leisure, Sport and leisure in Normandy, History of the sports press, History of public sports policies, Sport and equipment University of Rouen None 0
Beena Sukumaran Civil Engineer Diversity and Inclusion in engineering, geotechnical engineering, micromechanics Rowan University -5
Adriana San Miguel Delgadillo Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Using engineering and systems approaches to understand fundamental biological processes in living organisms, particularly the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans. North Carolina State University -5
Sharima Rasanayagam Breast Cancer scientist, advocate Breast cancer prevention, toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease Breast Cancer Prevention Partners -8
Charlotte Kuperwasser Breast cancer researcher, molecular biologist Breast cancer, normal and carcinogenic breast development Tufts University School of Medicine -5
Kaitlyn Lieschke chemist Air quality composition, atmospheric composition University of California, Berkeley -8
Helen Huang Biomedical Engineer Prosthetics, powered prosthetics, wearable robotics, neural-machine interfaces North Carolina State University -5
Ashley Brown Biomedical Engineer Regenerative medicine, wound repair, artificial platelets, blood. North Carolina State University -5
Heather Patisaul Biologist, Toxicologist Developmental biology, endocrine disrupting compounds (e.g., BPA) North Carolina State University -5
Laura Forczyk astrophysics, planetary science space industry, space policy, space resources Astralytical -5
Rosemary Joyce archaeologist, anthropologist sex and gender, cuisine, Mexico and Central America, Mesoamerica, Precolumbian, Maya, Olmec, Aztec University of California, Berkeley -8
Imani Morris Meteorologist, Physical Geographer Climate change, cyclogenesis, anthropogenic precipitation augmentation Fulton County Schools -5
Christa Hasenkopf atmospheric scientist air quality, air pollution, open data OpenAQ -5
Melissa Paciulli Transportation Engineer ADHD driving , Human performance, economics University of Massachusetts Amherst -5
Melissa Ingala Evolutionary Biologist Microbiomes of Mammals American Museum of Natural History -5
Catarina Brito Cellular Biotechnology/ Cell Biology Stem cells; advanced cell models; IBET and ITQB-NOVA English, Portuguese 0
Sun Joo Ahn Social scientist Virtual reality, marketing, ethics, wellness (health and environment), communication techology, persuasion University of Georgia -5
Upulie Divisekera Molecular biologist, also a chemical engineering doctoral student Cancer immunology, molcular genetics of cancer, gold nanoparticles, drug delivery Monash University
Auriel Fournier Ecologist ornithology, wetlands, migration, statistics, modeling, gulf of mexico Mississippi State University -6
Caroline Genco Immunology, microbiology, experimental therapeutics Basic, translational, and global health re mucosal pathogens. Immune-mediated diseases and the microbiome, and regulatory mechanisms in bacterial pathogens. Tufts University School of Medicine -5
Morgan Raven Geochemist Organic matter cycling in the ocean, effects of oxygenation on the carbon cycle Washington University in St Louis -6
Jennifer Caudle Family physician primary care Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine -5
Barbara Kutchko Environmental Geologist, Engineer Wellbore Integrity, Oil and Gas, Energy US DOE and National Energy Technology Laboratory -5
Cranos Williams Electrical and Computer Engineer Biological systems modeling, biomimetic systems. Specifically focused on developing tools to advance biological modeling. North Carolina State University -5
Edgar Lobaton Electrical and Computer Engineer Robotics, Computer Vision, Automation, Mechatronics North Carolina State University -5
Laurie Williams Computer Scientist Cyber-security North Carolina State University -5
Alessandra Scafuro Computer Scientist Encryption, BitCoin North Carolina State University -5
Nagiza Samatova Computer Scientist Big data and analytics North Carolina State University -5
Wenye Wang Computer Engineer Networking, wireless networking, network security North Carolina State University -5
Alejandra Ortiz Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineer Erosion and how coastal environments change over time (particularly at large time scales). North Carolina State University -5
Ashley Cabas Mijares Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineer Assessment of seismic hazards, soil assessment, foundations. (Basically, earthquake stuff.) North Carolina State University -5
Emily Berglund Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineer Water resources engineering, modeling, hydrology, water infrastructure. North Carolina State University -5
Monya De Internal Medicine Physician, MPH Nutrition, wellness, health startups, tech, media and health, genetics, next gen t-5s, health policy,concierge medicine, house call medicine Optia -8
Liz Redford Social Psychologist implicit social cognition, explicit social cognition, punitive reactions, psychological entitlement University of Florida -5
Rachel Levy Mathematician , Mathematics Education Fluid mechanics, mathematical modeling, active learning Harvey Mudd College -8
Manpreet Kohli Evolutionary biologist Phylogentics, Systematics, Divergence time -5imations, Insects Rutgers University -5
Jessica Eisner Medicine, Biomedical science drug development, drug regulation, global health, infectious diseases, research ethics and vulnerable populations, clinical decision support system software, pathology Boston -5
Seema Bhatnagar BioTechnology Drug Discovery Amity University English +6
Selina Groh Palaeontologist Crocodiles, Spiders, Taxonomy, Systematics University College London English, German 0
Elvira de Lange Biologist Strawberry, sustainable pest management, biological control, drones, insects, corn, cranberry University of California Davis English, Dutch -8
Trina Espinoza Cosmetic Chemistry cosmetic chemistry, personal care products, STEM, public outreach, scicomm Ms. Beautyphile United States -8
Jessica Turner-Skoff Biologist, Science Communication Science Communication, Biology, American Ginseng The Morton Arboretum United States -5
Jamie Maguire Neuroscientist Stress, GABA, disruption of systems in postpartum depression, epilepsy Tufts University School of Medicine -5
Diana Bernstein Climate Scientist air quality, climate change, geoengineering University of Southern Mississippi English, Hebrew, Russian -6
Heather Bruce Molecular Biologist Evolutionary developmental biology of arthropods University of California, Berkeley -8
Katherine Saul Mechanical Engineer Orthopedics, Orthopaedics, biomechanics, dynamics of the musculoskeletal system North Carolina State University -5
Afsaneh Rabiei Mechanical Engineer Advanced materials, metal foams for a wide variety of applications, composites and coatings for surgical applications North Carolina State University -5
Yaroslava Yingling Materials Scientist Molecular modeling and computer simulations of soft materials. North Carolina State University -5
Albena Ivanisevic Materials Scientist Chemistry and engineering of surfaces for use in bioelectronics and biomedical applications. North Carolina State University -5
Elizabeth Dickey Materials Scientist Dielectrics, piezoelectrics, nanomaterials, functional oxides, ceramic composites North Carolina State University -5
Veronica Augustyn Materials Scientist Materials science and energy storage North Carolina State University -5
Skylar Bayer Marine biologist & ecologist Marine ecology, reproduction in marine life, particularly shellfish Downeast Institute -5
Barbara Mayes Boustead Meteorologist, applied climatologist Weather, climate extremes, climate variability (i.e. ENSO, NAO), climate change, communicating weather and climate, links between weather and climate, weather, climate data, weather and climate in Laura Ingalls Wilder books, life National Weather Service -6
Rhea Graham Transdisciplinary geologist with public policy experience in Federal, tribal and state governments Western water resources; federal, state & tribal government, environmental communication Retired English -6
Cat Scott Environmental scientist Atmospheric science, air quality, climate, biosphere University of Leeds 0
Velonda Anderson Nutritionist Nutrition education , community and corporate wellness, health promotion, vegetarian and vegan South University, Sweet Potato Delights -5
Rita Balice-Gordon Neuroscientist cell-cell signaling mechanisms underlying synapse formation and maintenance, the mechanisms underlying neuromuscular development and disease and the pathophysiologic mechanisms underlying autoimmune CNS disorders that affect cognition and behavior Sanofi -5
Melissa Sanchez Herrera Evolutionary ecologist, entomologist Odonatology, Phylogenetics, Species delimitation, phylogeography Universidad del Rosario -6
Swayam Tripathy Engineer Solar Engineering, Electrical Engineering Solar Energy Systems LLC -5
Manisit Das Biologist/Pharmaceutical Researcher Cancer, Immunology, Drug Delivery, Chemistry, Biomaterials, Nanotechnology UNC Chapel Hill English, Bengali, Hindi -4
Marie Muller Physicist, Engineer Acoustics, medical ultrasound, ultrasound in complex media. NC State University -5
Sarah Desmarais Psychologist Forensic psychology, psychology related to the justice system, substance abuse, recidivism NC State University -5
Shevaun Neupert Psychologist Psychology of aging, quality of life, older adults. NC State University -5
Anne McLaughlin Psychologist Human factors, how people interact with technology NC State University -5
Elan Hope Psychologist Psychology of race, particularly as it pertains to education, civic engage, social action. NC State University -5
Kathy Bowdish Sanofi -5
Dorien Schröder Marine biologist Shark biology Dutch Shark Society +1
Tamara James-Todd Gender & racial differences in medical research, public health Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School -5
Amy Keesee Space physicist, Plasma Physicist Earth's magnetosphere, geomagnetic storms, laboratory plasma experiments West Virginia University -5
Christian Pean Orthopaedic Surgeon (Resident Physician) Global Health with emphasis on Haiti, Orthopedic trauma, Healthcare disparities, Racial bias, Health Policy NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases -5
Barbara Liedl Plant Breeder Horticulture, Specialty Crops, Production, Breeding, IPM, West Virginia State University -5
Beth Rosenberg Public health and safety systems Occupational and environmental health, designing effective safety systems, creating systems of production that do not harm workers or the environment. Tufts University School of Medicine -5
Phoebe Cohen Paleontologist Old fossils, early life, astrobiology, eukaryotic fossils, early animal fossils Williams College -5
Rebecca Shapiro Biologist Fungal microbiology, fungal pathogenesis, yeast gentics, fungal genetics University of Guleph -5
Siddha Ganju Data Scientist Computer vision, artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, multimodal deep learning, natural language processing, Deep Vision United States +8
Folabomi, Bomi Oladosu Neurobiologist opioid-induced hyperalgesia, menstrual pain, pain behavior mouse models NorthShore University Health System -6
Katie Matthews Marine Scientist Fisheries, marine conservation, oceans, climate change, coral reefs Oceana -5
Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup Health Science Pharmacogenomics, Microbiology Nova Southeastern University -5
Sarah Kapnick Atmospheric Scientist Hurricanes NOAA, Princeton -5
Luba Reshitnyk Marine Geographer marine habitat mapping, satellite remote sensing, drone mapping, UAV mapping, eelgrass, kelp, British Columbia Hakai Institute -8
Jennifer Jackson physical oceanographer central British Columbia coast and Arctic Ocean Hakai Institute -8
Margot Hessing-Lewis marine ecology British Columbia, Northeast Pacific coast Hakai Institute -8
Samantha Lewis Biologist mitochondria, mitochondrial DNA, membrane-bound organelles, molecular biology, DNA replication University of California, Davis English -8
Chantelle Ferland-Beckham Neuroscientist, Scientific Program Manager Former researchers focused on the neuropsychological effects of stress, including depression and PTSD, and drug addiction, currently manage scientific programs focused on preclinical PTSD and TBI research Cohen Veterans Bioscience -5
Ramon Barthelemy Science Education, Physics Education, Astronomy Women in STEM, Physics Education, LGBT in STEM, Diversity in STEM University of Utah None -6
Brandilyn Stigler Mathematician Mathematical biology, computational algebraic geometry, gene regulation, network inference, reverse engineering Southern Methodist University -6
Hannah Cates Molecular Neuroscientist Epigenetics, signaling cascades, molecular cloning, RNA-sequencing, m6A biology Adelphi University English -5
Carlos Martinez Atmospheric Scientist Climate Variability, climate Dynamics, climate Weather Risk and climate Adaption LDEO-IRI, Columbia University -5
Molly Swenson Virtual Reality, workplace diversity RYOT
Katharine Hayhoe climate science and policy Climate Science Center, Texas Tech University -6
Kiran Dhillon Geneticist Former Breast cancer researcher, Former Ovarian Cancer Researcher, Currently fund ovarian cancer research Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer -8
José Capriles Archaeologist Andean archaeology, Amazonian archaeology, Amazonian anthropology, Bolivia, Chile Pennsylvania State University -5
Aimee McRae-Clark Clinical addiction researcher Addictions, cannabis, cocaine, gender differences in addiction Medical University of South Carolina -5
Anne Peters Endocrinoloist Diabetes care, diabetes Medications and diabetes devices. Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California -8
Tara Smith Epidemiologist, microbiologist Infectious disease, emerging disease, antibiotic resistance, zombies Kent State University
Ricardo Reis Astronomy Science Communication, Astronomy, Astrophysics Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço & Planetário do Porto - Centro Ciência Viva Portuguese, English 0
Emily Petroff Astronomer fast radio bursts, pulsars, radio astronomy, neutron stars, general astronomy ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy English, French +1
Emilia Jarochowska Palaeobiologist conodonts, jawless vertebrates, teeth, ecology, palaeoenvironments Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg English, Polish, German +1
Beth Cimini Computational Biologist Microscopy, Image Analysis, High Content Screening, Computational Biology Broad Institute English -5
Van Jones sustainability, racial, gender equality in STEM, environmental justice, prison reform Green For All, CNN
W. Kamau Bell Race, history, culture CNN, United Shades of America
MaryEllen Reider Risk Assessment for FDA Class II Durable Medical Devices Pelvic Floor, Startup Business, Women in Tech, Women in Business, Neuroplasticity, Electro Stimulation Yarlap Engish -4
Arlene Blum Chemistry Green Science Policy Institute -8
Genevieve Chase Military, veterans, gender American Women Veterans Association
Geeta Nargund Fertility CREATE Fertility 0
Mary Spio Virtual Reality Ceek VR
Laura Mayorga Astronomy, Planetary Science Exoplanets, Mars, Jupiter Harvard United States -5
Júlio Santos Science Communicator Communication, science, biology, biomedical sciences, life sciences i3S Portugues, English 0
Simran Preeti Sethi Food, sustainability, environmental justice Bread, Wine & Chocolate
Monica Green Historian of Medicine history of medicine, history of infectious diseases, plague, leprosy, women in medicine, women in science Arizona State University English -7
Sally Winkler bioengineer bioengineering, biomaterials, fetal surgery, women in STEM University of California, Berkeley English -8
Maureen McKeague Chemist and Bioengineer DNA damage, biosensors, metabolic engineering, yeast, synthetic biology, toxicology, toxins, bionanotechnology, molecular reprogramming McGill University English, French -4
Timberley Roane Microbiology, microbial ecology, microbial physiology, chemical detoxification, remediation, human microbiome, native americans in science University of Colorado, Denver
Daniel Mindiola Chemistry, greenhouse gas emissions University of Pennsylvania
Pati Martinson food sovereignty, native american food traditions, food safety, native american economic development Taos County Economic Development Corp Coordinators and NAFSA (Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance)
Jeannine-Marie St. Jacques megadroughts, climate science, history of climate science, Native American history with regard to climate University of Regina in Saskatchewan
Margaret Hiza Redsteer Project chief of research on hydrologic extremes, wind erosion processes environmental science, Native American history, resource conflicts Northern Arizona University -7
Malik Yakini community development, environmental justice, food systems Detroit Black Community Food Security Network
Sesinam Dagadu Engineer, Technology, Futurist, Resilient Cities, Addressing Systems TinyDAVID English 0
Roger-Mark De Souza Demographics, population shifts, security, climate Wilson Center
Rebecca Calisi Rodriguez Biologist Biology, Neurobiology, Endocrinology, Reproduction, Wildlife biology, Animal Behavior, Women in science, Minorities in science University of California, Davis English -8
Nancy Beuermeyer environmental health, women's health, breast cancer, chemicals & public health policy Breast Cancer Fund
Andrew Hoffman Management, Environment, Sustainability, Organization Theory Management, Environment, Sustainability, Organization Theory, environmental issues for business, ocial and psychological barriers to climtae change University of Michigan English -4
Carrie Armel Human behavior and the environment Precourt Energy Efficiency Center at Stanford University
Beth Singler Anthropologist Artificial Intelligence, robotics, social and ethical issues around AI Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence English 0
Linda Campbell Environmental scientist Environmental contaminants, aquatic ecosystems Saint Mary's University English, American Sign Language -4
Jessica Hekman Geneticist, veterinarian Canine behavioral genetics and welfare The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard United States -5
Amy Macleod Biologist Large Mammal Ecology, Endangered Species, esp. Grizzly bear and black bear ecology, Non-invasive sampling / Using DNA to monitor bear populations, Remote photography, Genetics, Stable isotopes (used for diet estimation) University of Alberta English -7
Erika Calvo-Ochoa Neuroscientist Neural plasticity, neurodegeneration, neurorepair Western Michigan University Spanish, English -5
Achiri Nji Social Entrepreneur, Innovator, Engineer New technologies such as big data and maxhine learning, mobile apps, Transport systems in developing countries, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Road safety and emergency response Traveler English, French +1
Jillian Scudder Astrophysicist Oberlin College English -4
Kanta Dihal Science communication Artificial intelligence, Quantum physics, Science communication, Science fiction, Science policy University of Cambridge, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence English, Dutch, German 0
Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux Climate variability and change, historical climatology, climate literacy, severe weather hazards, drought, remote sensing, Geographic Information Science, New England, Brazil, Caribbean. State of Vermont, University of Vermont
Rue Mapp African Americans, nature, outdoor rec, community building, diveristy in enviro movement Outdoor Afro
Kristen Marhaver corals: environmental pressures, reproduction, farming ALSO: scicomm and scientific lit publishing, she is seeking to reform this. very inter-5ing TED talk NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in Ocean Sciences Carmabi Marine Research Station, Curacao
Barbara Annis world-renowned expert on Inclusive Leadership through Gender & Cultural Intelligence, advocating the value and practice of this new type of leadership in Fortune 500 companies and numerous organizations worldwide. Gender Intelligence Group (GIG)
Lanakila Mangauil Expert in native issues for the Hawaiian people, including the intersection of environmental issues and Hawaiian cultural values. Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hamakua
Margee Louisias Allergist, Immunologist health services research, health disparities, asthma Brigham&Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School -5
Jean Kim Psychiatrist Mental health, women’s issues, Asian American issues George Washington University English -5
Margie Skeer Social and behavioral scientist Behavioral intervention development, substance use prevention and addiction (particularly re adolescents) Tufts University School of Medicine -5
Michael Oman-Reagan Anthropologist Anthropology of Outer Space, Science and Technology Studies, Space, Futures, the Interstellar, Astrobiology, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Imagination, Futures Memorial University English, Danish, Indonesian
Michele Jacob Neuroscientist Malfunction of synapses associated with autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and hearing loss Tufts University School of Medicine -5
Lauren Robinson Animal welfare scientist and psychologist Animal welfare, behavior, and personality AZA-accredited zoo -4
Donna Yates Archaeologist, Criminologist Antiquities trafficking, art crime, heritage preservation, heritage destruction, artifact looting University of Glasgow 0
Vicky Jones Biologist Neuroscience, Alzheimer's disease, dementia University of Central Lancashire English 0
Kate Rowland Family physician/ primary care Evidence based medicine, guidelines in care, primary care Rush University, Rush Medical College English -6
Nicolette Louissaint Pharmacologist, Disaster Response, Public Health Disaster Preparedness and Response, Emergency Response, Health Security, Public Health Healthcare Ready English -4
Aerin Jacob Biologist Conservation science, ecology, Biodiversity, ecosystem services, large landscape conservation, science policy, science advocacy, women in science, environmental assessment Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative -7
Susana Wadgymar Biologist Evolutionary ecology, life history evolution, climate change, plant biology Davidson College English -4
Krystle McLaughlin Structural biophysicist protein structure, x-ray crystallography Vassar College United States -5
Jennifer Groh Neuroscience vision, hearing, perception, eye movements, motor control, multisensory, brain Duke University English -5
Asmeret Asefaw Berhe Soil Science, Biogeochemistry Soils and climate change, soil carbon or organic matter dynamics, nanogeochemistry, Political Ecology, soil biogeochemistry University of California, Merced -8
Sally Mika Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Nurse Consultant Expert Hemodialysis Nurse, Expert Peritoneal Dialysis Nurse, Dialysis Consultant, Dialysis Policies and Procedures, Evaluating and Analysis of medically complex patients, Evaluating Standards of Care Contract worker English -4
Andrea Boyd Space Engineer, Mining Engineer, Mechatronics Space, Engineer, Mining, Mechatronics, International Space Station, ISS, human spaceflight, mission control, astronauts European Astronaut Centre English, Italian +2
Maria Holland Mechanical Engineering professor mechanics, biomechanics, computational mechanics, development of the brain University of Notre Dame English, Spanish, Mandarin -4
Julie Sheard Biologist Citizen Science, Biology, Ants, Outreach Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, Copenhagen University Danish, English +1
Shi-Hsia Hwa Biologist antibodies, dengue, hand foot and mouth disease, vaccines, tuberculosis Africa Health Research Institute English, Malay +2
Erica Golemis Cancer Biology molecular therapeutics, cancer signaling, translational research, Colorectal and SI Cancer; Head and Neck Cancer; Kidney, Bladder, and Prostate Cancer; Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma; Ovarian and Gynecologic Cancer Fox Chase Cancer Center English +6
Paula Johnson Gender & racial differences in medical research, public health Connors Center for Women's Health and Gender Biology and Chief of the Division of Women's Health at Brigham and Women's Hospital -5
Danielle Tan Neuroscientist Pregnancy, neurodevelopment, smoking pregnancy, infection pregnancy svAWIS -8
Bernadette Hernandez-Sanchez Chemist Materials science, materials chemistry, solid state chemistry, coatings, nanomaterials, materials for renewable energy, advanced materials for marine and hydrokinetic applications Sandia National Laboratories -7
Rebecca Graff Epidemiologist Cancer epidemiology, prostate cancer, cancer pleiotropy, cancer heritability University of California, San Francisco -8
Cato Laurencin Orthopedic surgeon, regenerative specialist Regenerating lost limbs University of Connecticut -5
Stormy Chamberlain Developmental Biologist, genomicist Angelman's Syndrome, epigenetic and spatial effects on gene expression, brain genomics University of Connecticut -5
Paola Vera-Licona Bioinformatician, mathematical genomicist computation systems medicine, algorithms for the modeling, simulation and control of biological networks University of Connecticut -5
Marie Coppola Psychologist, Cognitive scientist language acquisition, emergence, cognitive development University of Connecticut -5
Margaret Rubega Ornithologist monk parakeets, chimney swifts, hummingbirds, social media in science education University of Connecticut -5
Lindsay DiStefano Kinesiologist physical activity in children, preventing child sports injuries University of Connecticut -5
Disa Hammarlöf Microbiologist Uppsala university English, Swedish +2
Linda Pescatello Kinesiologist exercise science, exercise and aging, health promotion, hypertension University of Connecticut -5
Deborah Fein Psychologist autism spectrum disorders University of Connecticut -5
Rachel O'Neill Genomicist, molecular cell biologist chromosome evolution, small RNA, marsupial genetics, placental development University of Connecticut -5
Brooke Simmons Astrophysicist, Citizen Science expert Black holes, galaxies, citizen science University of California, San Diego -8
Joan Mecsas Cellular, molecular biology Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, Yersinia pseudotuberculosis pathogenesis, Yersinia pseudotuberculosis small int-5ine Tufts University School of Medicine -5
Carol Christian Astrophysicist Stars, clusters, galaxies, STEM education, citizen science, 3D printing Space Telescope Science Institute -5
Leigh Anna Steele Chemist Batteries, battery safety research and development, battery failure (abuse conditions) for rechargeable and non-batteries, and procedure development for d-5ructive battery t-5ing Sandia National Laboratories -7
Amy Tapia Community Outreach Hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs for students and community members Sandia National Laboratories -7
Hilary Malone Neuropharmacologist Sanofi -5
Eleanor Sansom Planetary Science fireballs, meteors, satellites, shooting stars, meteoroid, space Space Science and Technology Centre, Curtin University None +8
Rebecca  Sendak biophysical chemist Sanofi -5
Mary Schweitzer molecular paleontologist What we can learn from preserved ancient molecules - dino soft tissue, protiens NC State University -5
Lindsay Zanno paleontologist paleontology NC State University -5
Jane Hoppin Toxicologist Toxicology, environmental health - p-5icides and human health NC State University -5
Holly Menninger Director of public science promoting public engagement of science NC State University -5
Constance, Connie Jeffery biochemist, biophysicist, bioinformatics protein structure and function, with projects in cancer, tuberculosis, inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease), how genetic mutations cause disease University of Ilinois at Chicago -6
Maria Soriano-Carot Outreach Scientist, Business Developer Molecular Biology, Biomedicine IMFAHE (Interantional Mentoring Foundation for the Enhancement of Higher Education +1
Roisin Commane Atmospheric scientist Air quality, arctic carbon Harvard University -5
Melissa Lucash Ecologist climate change, forests Portland State University English -8
Alex Fitzpatrick Zooarchaeologist Archaeology, Zooarchaeology, Animal Remains, Later Prehistory, Funerary Archaeology, Ritual and Religion University of Bradford 0
Claire Griffin Biogeochemist Carbon and nutrient cycling in aquatic environments, particularly the Arctic University of Minnesota -6
Ashley Mathew Pathologist Anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, forensic pathology, autopsy pathology English, Malayalam -5
Lorraine Lisiecki earth science, climate science paleoclimate (ice ages), long-term interactions of ice, CO2 & ocean University of California -8
Michele Youd Immunologist Sanofi -5
Sarah McAnulty Biologist, host-microbe interactions How immune cells recognize beneficial bacteria, squid biology, cephalopod physiology University of Connecticut -5
Kaitlin Stack Whitney ecologist, entomologist agricultural ecology, pesticide science, pest control, pesticide policy, former EPA Pesticides scientist, insect ecology, pollinators, landscape ecology Rochester Institute of Technology -5
Amanda Schmidt Geologist Erosion, how people alter erosion processes, dams, reforestation. Especially focused on China Oberlin College -5
Maribel Rios Neuroscientist Role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor BDNF, focused on defining neural circuits in the brain to control appetite and affective states Tufts University School of Medicine -5
Stephania Libreros Immunology, microbiology, experimental therapeutics Immunology, Cancer Biology, Inflammatory Diseases, Resolution of Inflammation Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital -5
Aedin Culhane Cancer computational Biologists Cancer, bioinformatics, biostatistics Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard School of Public Health +5
Nicole Lee Communication Science communication, communication related to climate change North Carolina State University -5
Joel Ducoste Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineer Environmental modeling, drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment. North Carolina State University -5
Francis de los Reyes Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineer Wastewater treatment, sanitation, microbiology. Has particular expertise in the developing world. North Carolina State University -5
Jennifer Gallagher Geneticist Genetic variation in stress response, fungal diversity, omics West Virginia University -5
Eliah Overbey Genomicist, Computer Scientist DNA sequencing, computer algorithms, nanopore sequencing, astronaut health, stem cells, former software engineer University of Washington -8
Emilio Bruna Ecologist Tropical Ecology, tropical Conservation, Amazon, Brazil, Science, Science Policy in Latin America University of Florida -5
Megan Dennis Human geneticist, genomicist Neurogenetics, evolution of neurological traits, evolution of diseases in humans, zebrafish models of disease University of California, Davis -8
Lisa Holle Pharmacy researcher, pharmacological researcher oncology pharmacy, pain management University of Connecticut -5
Dominique Michaud Epidemiologist Oral health, microbiome, cancer, nutrition, cancer epidemiology Tufts University School of Medicine -5
Amy Yee Breast cancer researcher, biochemist, etc. Molecular mechanisms of tumor suppression to design new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in breast cancer Tufts University School of Medicine -5
Rosie Williams Biologist Marine mammals, pollution, conservation, Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), toxicity, cetaceans Institute of Zoology United Kingdom 0
Sarah Bowen Sociologist Food insecurity, food behavior, food beliefs, food inequality North Carolina State University -4
Corinna Singleman Ecotoxicologist developmental biology, ecotoxicology, science education Queens College, CUNY english -5
Sara Del Valle Mathematical Epidemiologist, Computational Epidemiologist Modeling of infectious diseases, simulation of infectious diseases, big data analytics, uncertainty quantification, social networks Los Alamos National Laboratory -7
Jean Camp computer security computer security, privacy, Internet crime, fraud, hacking, IoT Indiana University -5
Marine Denolle Geologist Earthquake researcher Harvard -5
Ashley Prichard dog fMRI, rat olfaction Emory University -5
Noel Sauer Plant geneticist, biotechnologist Gene repair technologies, Bacterial Engineering, Bacterial based production and delivery of RNAi, Mammalian cell and pathogen interactions, Mammalian cell protein and protein interactions Cibus -8
Jacy Reese Social scientist social movements, activism, veganism, cultured meat, food, ethics Sentience Institute -5
Adriana Romero-Olivares Ecologist microbes, ecosystem ecology, global warming University of New Hampshire -5
Jennifer Hertzberg Oceanographer Past climates, microfossils, foraminifera, oceanography, paleoceanography, Marine sediments, climate change, Old Dominion University English -5
Norbert Tavares Microbiologist microbiology, bacteria, vitamin B12, grants/program management National Cancer Institute english -5
Diva Amon Biologist Deep-sea biology, biodiversity, clarion-clipperton zone, megafauna, hydrothermal vents, cold seeps, chemosynthesis, organic fall Natural History Museum, London United Kingdom 0
Elliot Edmiston neuroscientist, transgender health , fMRI, visual system, anxiety, depression, transgender mental health, transgender health disparities, transgender research ethics University of Pittsburgh English, Spanish -5
Sarah Gibson paleontologist, ichthyologist lower actinopterygian fishes, taxonomy, morphology, ray-finned fishes, fossils, Triassic, Mesozoic St. Cloud State University English 0
James Hadfield Biologist, technologist, core facility manager Genomics, Single-cell, RNA-Seq, exomes, NGS, microarray, core facilities University of Cambridge United Kingdom
Laura Stevens Glaciologist ice sheet dynamics, supraglacial lakes, ice-ocean interactions, subglacial hydrology Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory English -5
Celeste Donato Virologist, Phylogenetisist Microbiologist, molecular epidemiology, virus evolution Monash University English +10
Ella Striem-Amit Biologist Neuroscience, Brain plasticity, Blindness, deaf, dysmelic, motor, cognition Harvard University English, Hebrew -5
Rocío Acuña-Hidalgo Human geneticist Human genetics, genomics, disease-causing mutations, developmental diseases, rare diseases, mosaicism Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics English, Spanish, French +1
Sushma Reddy Evolutionary Biology, Biodiversity Scientist, Ornithologist Phylogeneticist, Ornithologists, Biodiversity Scientist, Conservationist phylogenetics, biogeography, molecular evolution, and conservation. We focus on the evolution of birds using DNA, morphology, and geography Loyola University Chicago English -5
Yolanda Chen Biologist ecology, evolution, agriculture, insect pests, crop domestication, pest management, genomics University of Vermont English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish -5
Lisa Stein microbiologist microbial physiology, biogeochemistry (nitrogen, methane), industrial microbiology University of Alberta English -7
Mayowa Adegboyega Paleoanthropologist and Biologist Human evolution, Neanderthals, evolution and biomechanics of the pelvis, human anatomy, scientific racism, human biological variation, race and biology, general biology University of California, Davis English -8
Alison Van Eenennaam Geneticist Animal biotechnology, GMO, genomics, livestock, cattle, science communication, gene editing, genome editing University of California, Davis United States -9
Lanisa Kitchiner Art Administrator black women writers and artists, South African history and culture, African American History and Culture, Race and Representation, Museology, Women Studies, Arts Administration, Humanities Education and Advocacy, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of African Art United States -5
Alice Atkin Neuroscientist, Psychologist Attention, Decision-Making, Action, Consciousness, Volition, EEG University of Alberta English -7
Mona Jalal Computer Scientist, Computer Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Hardware Engineer Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Multimodal Deep Learning, Vision and Language, Natural Language Processing Boston University English, Farsi, French, Italian, Arabic -5
Hongmei Li-Byarlay Entomologist Honeybee genomics, genetics, behavior Central State University English, Chinese -5
Rebecca Rose Biochemist Animal Wellness, Canine Nutrigenomics, dogs, cats, horses InClover Research None -7
Stephanie Bravo Education Technology Education, Tech, Edtech, Online Learning, Career, Career Development, Higher Education, Workforce Forbes United States -8
Gabrielle Gutierrez Computational neuroscientist retina, machine learning, stomatogastric ganglion University of Washington English -8
Maria DeRosa Chemist Biosensor, bionanotechnology, synthetic DNA, aptamers Carleton University -5
Nora Demleitner Criminal Justice Criminal justice, sentencing, terrorism, crime & immigration, law schools & higher education Washington and Lee University English, German -5
Ayden Scheim Epidemiologist transgender health, transgender human rights, measuring gender identity, HIV, drug use and policy University of California, San Diego -5
Lindsey Haynes-Maslow Health and Food Policy food policy, nutrition policy, community research, chronic disease prevention, diversity and inclusion in foods and nutrition programming North Carolina State University English -5
Angelle Tanner Astronomer extrasolar planets, life in the universe, SETI, the galactic center Mississippi State University english -6
Natalie Sampson Social scientist Climate change & health; Land use & health; Environmental justice Univeristy of Michigan-Dearborn English -5
Sheyna Gifford Medicine, Space Science Medicine, Mars, Space Science Washington University St. Louis English -7
Christie Bahlai Ecologist, data scientist applied ecology, data science, modelling, insects, conservation, agriculture, biodiversity Kent State University English -5
Allison Rosenzweig Cancer researcher cancer research, awareness, treatment Pancreatic Cancer Action Network English -8
Leigh Ann Mike Health Sciences Educator clinical pharmacy, geriatrics, deprescribing, medication safety, self-care University of Washington School of Pharmacy English -8
Elana Fertig Computational Biology Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Oncology Johns Hopkins University -6
Victoria Manax Medical Doctor Cancer research, treatment, clinical trials, awareness Pancreatic Cancer Action Network English, Spanish -6
Diego Balbuena Ecologist Camera trapping, tree climbing, Amazonian mammals, Amazon, rainforest ecology Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina Spanish, English -5
Chintan Sheth Ecologist, Zoologist Herpetology, geography, ecology, mapping, GIS, satellite imagery, biodiversity, eastern Himalayas National Centre For Biological Sciences, Bengaluru +5
Allison Moon Sex educator Sex education, LGBTQ Issues, Polyamory/Open Relationships Girl Sex 101 United States -8
Danielle DeLatte Aerospace Engineer space, NASA, JAXA, on-orbit servicing, space mining, robotics, machine learning, STEM, STEAM, space in Japan, space outreach University of Tokyo English +9
Rachel Obbard Engineer Sports Engineering, Sea Ice, microplastics, materials science Dartmouth College English -6
Hayley James Sociologist Ageing, Pensions, Economy, Money, Finance University of Manchester 0
Ana Belen Ramos Hryb Neuroscientist neuropharmacology, animal behavior, neuroprotection Federal University of Santa Catarina Spanish, English, Portuguese -3
Gustavo Sanchez Molecular Biologist Cephalopod biodiversity, population genetics, genomics, bioinformatics Hiroshima University English, Spanish +9
Jinelle Wint Molecular Biologist/Neurobiologist Stony Brook University -5
Ruiqing Ni Neuroscientist Neuroscience, Brain, Medical Imaging ETH Zurich Institute for Biomedical Engineering Switzerland +2
Saira Haque Health Informaticist Medical Informatics, telehealth, health IT evaluation, health information exchange, electronic health records RTI International -4
Diana de la Iglesia Computer Scientist Data science, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, computer science, Biomedical Informatics, natural language processing, text mining, information retrieval, knowledge extraction and management, big data Spanish National Centre for Cancer Research / Barcelona Supercomputing Center Spanish, English +1
Alicia Perez-Porro Biologist marine sponges, climate change, genomics, ecology, reproduction, thermal stress, transcriptomics National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution) English, Spanish, Catalan -4
Lynn Matrisian Scientist and researcher (pancreatic cancer) pancreatic cancer, patient advocacy, 25 years leading a research laboratory dedicated to understanding cancer metastasis Pancreatic Cancer Action Network English -5
Katherine Mack Physicist/Astronomer astronomy, physics, cosmology North Carolina State University English -5
Irvin Huang Biologist environmental sciences, toxicology Stony Brook University English -5
Debora Weber-Wulff Computer Scientist Plagiarism, Ethics and Computing, E-Learning, Germany HTW Berlin English, German, Swedish +1
Alonso Gurmendi Dunkelberg Academic International law, human rights law, law of armed conflict, international politics, South American politics Universidad del Pacífico English, Spanish, Portuguese -5
Chissa Rivaldi Biologist population genetics, genomics, microbiome, computational biology University of Notre Dame English -4
Jonathan Jackson Scientist Alzheimer's disease, dementia, health disparities, attention, mind-wandering, neuroimaging (PET fMRI DTI), community engagement Massachusetts General Hospital English -5
Laura Grieneisen Biologist Microbiome, behavioral ecology, primates, bats, social behaviors, host genetics, microbial ecology University of Minnesota English, Spanish (not fluent) -6
Yalda Jamshidi Geneticist genetics, cardiovascular disease, rare disease, pharmacogentics, population genetics St George's University of London English +1
Sarah Constantin mathematician, machine learning engineer machine learning, artificial intelligence, drug discovery, autonomous vehicles Starsky Robotics United States -3
Mithi Alexa de los Reyes Astronomer star formation, dwarf galaxies, supernovae California Institute of Technology -8
Lori Hoepner Environmental Health and Public Health Data Scientist Biomarkers, Maternal health, Child Health, metabolic disease, obesity and adiposity, phenols, Public data mining, exposure science, BPA, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), phthalates, pesticides, asthma, neurodevelopment SUNY Downstate English -4
Susan Tsang Evolutionary Biologist Evolution, Biogeography, Bats (Chiroptera), Southeast Asia, Conservation, Genetics, STEM Education, Bats (Chiroptera) American Museum of Natural History English, Cantonese -5
Sheila Addison Marriage and Family Therapist Mental health, relationships, cultural competence, LGBTQ, couples, polyamory, sex, counseling, psychotherapy, marriage, diversity, adjunct teaching Margin to Center Consulting English -8
Beth Andres-Beck Software Engineer UX/UI design, software development, feminism in computer science, diversity & inclusion, security culture, RESTful APIs, Java, JavaScript, Lean Startup, Agile development, web development The Long-Term Stock Exchange English +8
Nicole Holliday Linguist sociolinguistics, african american english, ebonics, phonetics, language and politics, intonation, linguistic profiling and discrimintation Pomona College English, Spanish -8
M Jackson Geographer/Glaciologist glaciers, social impacts of climate change, translational science, Arctic, Iceland National Geographic Society English -8
Erin O’Donnell Environment and water law Water law, water policy, water markets, rights for nature, University of Melbourne Law School English +11
Dianne van der wal Biochemist Platelets, transfusion, bleeding disorders, thrombosis, apheresis platelet donors Australian Red Cross Blood Service English +10
Markita Landry Nanomaterials in biotechnology Nanomaterials, brain chemistry, plant genome editing, biophysics, biotechnology University of California Berkeley United States -8
Judith Steen Neuroscience Neurodegenerative disease, proteomics, transcriptomics, bioinformatics Harvard University United States -4
Kate Tulenko Physician health, medicine, global health, health workforce, aging, global health security, eHealth Corvus Health English, Spanish -5
Lingtak-Neander Chan Health Sciences Educator and Researcher Clinical nutrition, clinical pharmacy University of Washington United States -8
Sue Carney Forensic scientist DNA Profiling, biological evidence, blood pattern analysis, expert witness testimony Ethos Forensics English 0
Theresa Fisher Astrobiologist Habitability, biosignatures, network theory, ecosystem modeling, exoplanets, nutrient cycling School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University English -7
Cassandra Quave Biologist Ethnobotanist, Antibiotic resistance, drug discovery, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, medicinal plants Emory University School of Medicine United States +4
Melissa Baese-Berk Linguist/Cognitive Scientist second language learning, linguistics, accented speech, speech perception, speech production University of Oregon -7
M. Lozada Physician High-risk pregnancy, Labor and delivery, maternal mortality, epidural, childbirth, maternal morbidity, media coverage of healthcare, healthcare journalism Vanderbilt University Medical Center English +1
Erika Mole Materials Engineer Materials Science, Metallurgy, Aerospace, Aviation, Research & Development, Inorganic Finishes, Corrosion, Project Management Tethers Unlimited Inc. United States -8
Jennifer Fettweis Microbiologist, Bioinformaticist vaginal microbiome, microbial ecology, maternal and infant microbiomes, preterm birth, pregnancy, women's health Virginia Commonwealth University English -4
Rachel Hendery Linguist Australian languages, Pacific lebhaftes, creoles, New english dialects, language change, technology and language, virtual reality, mapping, data visualization Western Sydney University English +10
Virginia Williamson Marriage and Family Therapist, parent of a transgender child Interpersonal relationship dynamics, navigating the transgender experience, addressing the complexities of divorce and blending families Collaborative Counseling Group -5
Ishwaria Subbiah Oncologist, Palliative Medicine Physician oncology, geriatrics, elderly, hospice, palliative medicine, supportive care, palliative care, drug development, clinical trials, healthcare costs, financial toxicity, side effects on cancer therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center English -6
Michele Koppes Geologist, glaciologist, landscape, climate change Arctic, Antarctica, Himalayas, Climate change, landscape change, glaciers, geomorphology University of British Columbia English -8
Taeyjuana Lyons Physicist Biotechnology, Nanotechnology (polymer, metal, and semiconductor based nanoparticles for targeted therapies, imaging, and toxicology studies); photo-physics ByteCubed, LLC English +4
Liane Benning Biogeochemist mineral-fluid-microbe interfaces, element cycling, extremophiles, nucleation and growth of mineral phases, in sity X-ray and electron micro-spectroscopy, daptations of microbial life in extreme environments in geothermal and Arctic settings, sequestration GeoForschungsZentrum Potsam +1
Heather Krause Statistician, Data Scientist data analysis, statistics, regression, modelling, machine learning Datassist, Inc english -5
Alyssa-Lois Gehman Marine Disease Ecologist Marine community ecology, disease ecology, marine parasite ecology, marine invertebrates, climate change ecology, larval ecology, invasion biology University of British Columbia English -8
Neha Savant biologist population genetics, landscape genetics, amphibian conservation Columbia University English -5
Gabriela Serrato Marks Geologist past climate change, caves, paleoclimate, deep-sea coral geochemistry, Marine Geology Massachusetts Institute of Technology English, Spanish -5
Amy Mason Statistician Weekend Effect, Mendelian Randomization, Statistics, Outreach, Mathematics, survival analysis and Markov models of Staph aureus carriers (Stata) and Cox model analysis University of Cambridge English 0
Michelle Rodriguez Engineer Exploration Technology, Electronics Design National Geographic Society English -5
Julianne McCall Neuroscientist, Science Policy Consultant gene therapy, spinal cord injury, neuroregeneration, science administration, scientific research policy, public health policy, science education, science outreach California State Senate Office of Research English -8
Marta Jankowska Health geographer, data scientist Health, geography, big data, data science, precision medicine University of California San Diego English -9
Susanne Gulliver Epidemiologist Dermatology, epidemiology, psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativa, biologics, dermatoepidemiology NewLab Clinical Research English -3
Monica Zamora Zapata MSc Engineering Science, Mechanical Eng. I research cloud dynamics for solar energy forecasting, with computer simulation approaches. Latin America University of California, San Diego and Universidad de Chile English, Spanish -7
Kate Charlton Engineer Oil & gas, Engineering, energy, petroleum, environmental engineering Crescent Point Energy English, French 0
Carolyn Wilke Environmental engineer Environmental effects of nanomaterials Northwestern University English -6
Jessica Blythe Sustainability scientist, environmental social scientist resilience, adaptation, vulnerability, transdisciplinary, sustainability, community-based resource management, climate change, Australia, Canada, Malawi, Mozambique, and Solomon Islands University of Waterloo English -5
Courtney Penn Gynecologist gynecology, women's health, women's cancer University of Michigan English -7
Devang Mehta Biologist synthetic biology, plant biology, plant biotechnology, GMO, plant disease ETH Zurich English -1
Katie Gibbs Science Policy science policy, science integrity, science advocacy, evidence-based decision-making Evidence for Democracy English -5
Maria Vieito Villar Medical Oncologist Cancer research, biomarkers, neuroncology, drug development, women in oncology, gastro, stomach, Vall de Hebron Institute of Oncology Spanish, English 0
Mauna Dasari Evolutionary Biologist microbiome, microbial ecology, primatology, biological anthropology, microbiology, ecology, gut University of Notre Dame English -5
Michelle Doscher Forensic & Behavior Scientist behavioral graphology, criminalist, crime scene investigator, child forensic interviewer Doscher Graphological Analysis, LLC English -5
Melissa Márquez Marine biology Sharks, shark habitat use, shark portrayal in media, woman experience in science The Fins United Initiative English, Spanish +10
Inés Dawson Biologist (Animal Flight and Evolution) animal flight, entomology, evolutionary biology, science communication University of Oxford English (native), Spanish (native), some German 0
Effie Greathouse Ecologist, science communicator ecology, freshwater conservation, fluoride and fluoridation, science communication Digital Resources for Community and Science -7
Melody Dye Psychologist, Cognitive Scientist, Linguist language acquisition, language processing, learning, memory, natural language processing, text mining, data science UC Berkeley United States -8
Jerin Arifa Activist Feminism, Activism, Social Justice, Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Solutions, LGBTQAI+ Muslims Rights, Recruiting Unlikely Allies, Islamophobia, Racism, Campus Sexual Assault, Title IX, Muslim feminist Young Feminists & Allies: National Organization for Women's (NOW) Inaugural Virtual Chapter English -4
Hillary Eason Technologist international development, ICT4D, user-centered design, design research, innovation, appropriate technology Chemonics United States -5
Allison Mayle Cancer Biologist leukemia research, epigenetics, genetics, hematopoietic stem cells Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center English -5
Aleksandra Lewandowska Biotechnologist Plant biotechnology, genetically modified organisms, plant stress VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology, VIB-VUB Center for Structural Biology English, Polish, French +1
Jessica Chen Scientist Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, stem cell, genetics University of Michigan English -4
Britt Koskella Biologist (evolution and ecology) Phage therapy, microbiome, experimental evolution, evolutionary medicine, coevolution, sustainable agriculture, antibiotic resistance, plant-microbiome, plant-pathogen, bacteria-phage UC Berkeley English -7
Sarah Giltz marine biologist, ecologist marine science, invertebrates, crabs, larvae, zooplankton, climate change, ocean acidification, oil spills Oceana English -5
Sarah Victor psychologist, clinical psychologist, scientist, researcher self-injury, self-harm, suicide, adolescence, ecological momentary assessment, emotion, clinical psychology, depression, mental health University of Pittsburgh English -5
Utibe Essien Physician health care, health disparities, social determinants, primary care, cardiology University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine English -4
Monica Wilson Waste Expert waste, waste incineration, zero waste, global and domestic waste policy, recycling, recycling trade, compost GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives) United States -8
Inmaculada Hernandez Pharmacist, Health Services Research, Health Economics Drug prices, pharmacy, anticoagulants, health economics, Medicare, health services research, prescription drugs, therapeutics University of Pittsburgh English, Spanish -5
Ritika Nevatia Software Engineer Distributed Systems, Software Architecture, self-driving car cloud infrastructure Uber ATG English, Japanese, Hindi, Spanish -8
Catherine Bartlett Entomologist, Natural History of Sonoran Desert, Improv Comedy Sonoran Desert flora and fauna, scicomm, public speaking, nature essays Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum English -1
Erin Kane primatologist, biological anthropologist primatology, conservation, endocrinology, nutrition, ecology, African monkeys, sexual harassment in fieldwork Boston University English, French -5
Andrea Armani Engineer Nanotechnology, biotech, diagnostics, telecom, telecommunications, materials synthesis, integrated optics and instrumentation development, and characterization of tissue and disease diagnostics University of Southern California English -8
Elaine Hernandez Sociologist medical sociology, social demography, social determinants of health, health inequalities/disparities, sociology of health and illness Indiana University English -5
Konstantia Achilleos Medical Geology Expert medical geology, environmental geology, geotourism Freelancer None +3
Leila Salazar-López Activist & NGO leader environment, indigenous rights, Amazon rainforest, South America, climate change Amazon Watch United States -8
Kimberly Duong Engineer, Scientist drought, water resources, water supply, california, water, climate change, climate action, science policy University of California Irvine English -8
Avery Russell Biologist behavior, pollination, bees University of Pittsburgh English -5
Jasmine Plummer Human Molecular Geneticist Genomics, Sequencing, Cancer, Autism Cedars Sinai Medical Center English, French -8
Roni Lyons Engineering - Aerospace & Defense Aerospace - Space Systems, Aeronautics & Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Industry, Manufacturing NYRAD, Inc. English +3
Carolin Colijn Mathematician infectious disease, modelling, biomathematics, pathogen ecology Imperial College London United Kingdom 0
Meghan Azad Pediatric Epidemiologist Breastfeeding, breast milk, microbiome, childhood obesity, allergies, asthma, pediatrics, pregnancy, maternal health, child health, developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD), artificial sweeteners University of Manitoba English -6
Laura Weyrich Paleomicrobiologist Microbiome, ancient DNA, microbiology, anthropology, infectious disease, paleomicrobiology, archaeology, oral microbiome, lifestyle, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, cancer University of Adelaide English +9
Nicole Ward Cellular and Molecular Biologist Mouse models, Inflammation, Skin, Psoriasis Case Western Reserve University English +1
Gabriela Barreto Lemos Physicist Quantum optics, quantum information, classical optics, quantum chaos, physics International Institute of Physics Portuguese, English, Italian, French, Spanish -3
Marie-Claire Arrieta Microbiologist Gut microbiome University of Calgary English, Spanish -7
Sumayah Rahman Data Scientist, Biologist Data Science, Biology, Health Tech, FinTech UC Berkeley United States -8
Emma Allen-Vercoe Microbiologist human gut microbiome, fecal microbial transfer University of Guelph English -5
Karen Schindler Biologist Reproduction, meiosis, infertility, aneuploidy Rutgers University english -5
Dana McDonnell Researcher Neuromuscular Disease, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders Stanford University None -7
Adelaide Tovar Geneticist environmental health, gene-environment interactions, genetic diversity, genetics of human health and disease The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill English -5
Mark Andrich Engineer ESGs, Sustainability, Finance, The Sustainable Platform None +8
Marie Hicks Historian of Technology (esp. computing) History, technology, computing, gender, sexuality, programming Illinois Institute of Technology English -6
Rabiah Ryklief Conservationist, Marine Ecologist marine top predators The Original Cause Cabal English +2
Asmeret Berhe Soil Biochemistry Soil scientist, soil biogeochemistry, Global change ecologist, political ecologist, climate change University of California, Merced English, Tigrigna (Eritrean), Amharic (Ethiopian) -8
Stephanie Halmhofer Bioarchaeologist, archaeologist, osteoarchaeologist, pseudoarchaeology Palaeopathology, Pacific Northwest Coast (British Columbia), human osteology, animal osteology University of Toronto English -5
Deborah Finley Speech-Language Pathologist, Healthcare Consultant Communication Disorders, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Literacy, Healthcare Advocacy Partnerships for Health and Education Inc. English -1
Sarah Brodsky Mathematician Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics, Tropical Geometry, Commutative Algebra, Zonotopal Algebra, Cluster Algebras, Formal Proof Verification Prover Technology English +1
Laura Mega Neuroscientist, Yoga, Mindfulness Teacher Social neuroscience; intuitive decision making; strategic intuition; embodied cognition; perceptual processes; social interactions Embodied Intuition English, German, Italian +1
Dawn Bowdish Immunologist immunology, immune aging, pneumonia, lung health, microbiome, inflammation, McMaster University English -4
Jennifer Stearns Microbial Ecologist gut microbiome, infancy, molecular biology, digestion McMaster University Canada -4
Michael Rivera Biological anthropologist, bioarchaeologist skeletal biology, palaeopathology, dental anthropology, coastal adaptation, human adaptation, European prehistory, Baltics, Estonia, Latvia, human evolution, agriculture, hunter-gatherers, science communication University of Cambridge English, Cantonese 0
Melissa Duhaime Biologist Microbiology, Virology, Ocean Science, Ecology University of Michigan English +5
Katherine Amato biological anthropologist, primatologist gut microbiome, primate ecology, evolutionary biology, microbes and nutrition Northwestern University United States -6
Shelie Miller Environmental Engineer environmental impacts of products, carbon footprints, new technologies, agriculture, food systems, health impacts of hydraulic fracturing, carbon utilization, energy University of Michigan English -4
Rachel Skubel Environmental scientist Socio-ecological systems, human-nature relationships, ecosystem services, shark ecology and physiology, environmental impacts on marine wildlife University of Miami English -5
Lesley Hoyles Microbiologist/computational biologist Human gut microbiome Imperial College London English 0
Nichole Broderick Biologist host-microbe interactions, microbiome, innate immunity, gut University of Connecticut english, french -5
Florence Schechter Feminism, Biology Vagina Museum English 0
Shelly Miller Mechanical Engineer air pollution, indoor air quality, air pollution control, healthy buildings, passive houses, urban air quality University of Colorado Boulder english +6
Marina Walther-Antonio Astrobiologist, Human Microbiome, Women's Health, Gynecologic Cancers Mayo Clinic -6
Jennifer Gardy Microbiologist Tuberculosis, genomics, infectious disease, bioinformatics, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Public Health Practice (EBPHP) BC Centre for Disease Control English -8
Laura Hug Biologist Microbiology, evolution, metagenomics, microbial diversity University of Waterloo English, French -4
Anthony Rojas Chemist chemistry, organic, inorganic, medicine, therapeutics, materials, mri, proteins, peptides, catalysis, catalyst Salisbury University english, spanish +2
Laura Sberna Theoretical Physicist Cosmology, quantum gravity Perimeter Institute Italian, English -4
Rachel Roberts-Galbraith biologist regeneration, planarians, flatworms, development, neurobiology, invertebrates, CNS central nervous system, neurons University of Georgia English -5
Stephanie Cawthon Education deaf, employment, education, transition, secondary, postsecondary, assessment, policy, accessibility National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Education English, ASL -6
Angela Betancourt Communications, media relations communications, media relations, crisis communications, afro-latina issues, multi-cultural issues ABPR English, Spanish -5
Bryan Goldsmith Chemical Engineering computational catalysis, computational materials science, data science and machine learning University of Michigan, Ann Arbor English -4
Corinne Maurice Microbiologist gut microbiome, phage-microbial interactions McGill University English, French -4
Laia Delgado Callico Chemistry, Materials Science, Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry Nanoparticles, condensed matter, metals King's College London English, Spanish, Catalan 0
Emily Sandall Entomologist, Natural Historian Odonata, natural history collections, bioethics, science outreach, community gardens Penn State University United States -4
Dallas Weaver, Ph.D., P.E. Aquaculture water treatment, recycle aquatic system, engineering design, Hatchery design and operation, Scientific Hatcheries English -7
Marsha Brown Psychologist forensic psychology, stress and mental health management, mental illness, cultural competence Marsha D. Brown, Ph.D., P.A. English -4
Brooke Wolford Computational Biologist, Statistical Geneticist complex traits genetics, bioinformatics, type 2 diabetes genetics University of Michigan English -5
Laura Grego Physicist missile defense, space security, space policy, nuclear weapons, missiles Union of Concerned Scientists English -4
Katy Turner Epidemiologist and Mathematical modeller Sexually transmitted infection epidemiology, antibiotic resistance, bacterial infection, disease modelling, modeling, STI, STD University of Bristol English 0
Regine Galanti Clinical Psychologist Anxiety, parenting, OCD, children's mental health, behavior problems, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, exposure therapy Long Island Behavioral Psychology English -4
Kara Hoover Biological Anthropologist evolutionary biology, human adaptation, human variation, population genetics, olfactory science, sensory ecology, evolutionary ecology University of Alaska English -5
Vasanta Subramanian Biologist neurodegenerative disease, animal models of ciliopathies and neurodegenerative disease, stem cells, embryonic development University of Bath English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Assamese 0
Kathryn Bradbury Nutrition Diet and cancer, cardiovascular disease and other non-communicable diseases, vegetarian nutrition, University of Auckland English +12
Dilys Vela Diaz Biologist community ecology, tropical and temperate forests Washington University, St. Louis and Iquitos, Peru English, Spanish -5
Phanice Fedha analytical chemist Research in Analytical-Environmental Systems Toxicology, Food and Indigenous Knowledge, Heavy and Trace Metals in Environmental Systems with a view of Analytical Chemistry, health, environment University of Kabianga English +12
Laura Mudge Ecologist Corals, coral reef ecology, disturbance ecology, tropical storm impacts on coral reefs, scuba diving, University of North Carolina at chapel hill English -4
Allison Ouimet Clinical Psychologist Anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, mental health, psychotherapy, cognition, Dual-Systems Models of Cognition, Attentional Bias, Psychopathology University of Ottawa English, French -4
Olayinka Nwachukwu Soil Scientist Soil pollution, soil remediation, soil Chemistry Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Nigeria English +1
Kim Dramer Chinese culture Chinese art, Chinese culture, Chinese civilization Fordham University English, French, Chinese +5
Laura Petiford psychotherapist, relationship expert relationships, mental health, marriage, family Collaborative Counseling Group English -4
Mary Byers English and Molecular Genetics Epidemiology Vanderbilt University Medical Center +2
Shauhin Alavi Biological anthropologist, primatologist, movement ecologist Animal movement, decision making, spatial memory, diet, foraging, nutrition UC Davis -8
Patrice Williams Marks Sensitivity Reader, Course Creator Activist, Sensitivity Reader, Sensitivity Reviewer, Bias, Racism, Stereotypes in Ads, Books, Marketing, Gaming, etc. Sensitivity Reviews English -4
Karen McNeil Arabic, Linguistics arabic, arabic linguistics Georgetown University English -4
Seema Yasmin medical doctor, public health, epidemiologist medicine, public health, epidemics, vaccines, infectious diseases, misinformation, fake news, ebola, outbreaks Stanford University English -8
Natalie Hengstebeck Social Scientist child and family policy, childcare, mental health, antipoverty, use of research evidence Scholars Strategy Network and Duke University -5
Amrish Baidjoe Microbiologist/field-epidemiologist Outbreaks of infectious disease, malaria, respiratory diseases Imperial College/WHO/MSF English, Dutch 0
Stacia Clinton Dietitian local and sustainable food systems, healthcare purchasing, healthcare food programming, food-climate intersection, antibiotic resistance, regenerative agriculture, nutrition, institutional menus and procurement, social determinants of health Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth English -5
Dawn Wright Ocean Scientist, Mapping Scientist, Geographer, Marine Geologist seafloor mapping, computer mapping, geographic information systems, data science, Ocean exploration Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. and Oregon State University English -9
Bridget Wade Geologist paleoclimate, past oceans, microfossils, evolution, global ice volume, extinction, ancient marine temperatures, productivity levels, global ice volume and sea level fluctuations, plankton, paleontology, climate change, drilling University College London English 0
Peter Girguis Biologist Deep Sea Biology, marine microbiology, physiology Harvard University english, arabic -4
Adjany Costa Conservationist, Ichthyologist, Community Educator environmental science, fish, angola Okavango Wilderness Project Portuguese, English, Spanish +1
Jolene Ramsey Biologist Virology, molecular biology, bacteriophage Texas A&M University English, Spanish -6
Kjersten Oudman Plant Pathologist plant diseases, fungal diseases, Fusarium, sustainable agriculture, small scale vegetable production, dry bean diseases Michigan State University -4
Anastasia Bodnar plant geneticist biotechnology, plant genetics, pesticides, agriculture Biology Fortified, Inc. United States -6
Brent Kirkpatrick Computational Genetics and Computer Security algorithms, computer systems, machine learning, computational genetics, computer security, cybersecurity, IT Intrepid Net Computing English, French -7
Tony Reames Academic Energy Justice, Energy Efficiency, Water Justice, Solar Adoption Barriers, Energy Policy University of Michigan English -4
Patricia Selassie Naturopathic Doctor skin disease, autoimmunity, thyroid disorder, fibroids, women's issues, brain health New Flower Center for Naturopathic Medicine english -5
Heidi Steltzer Environmental scientist Climate change impacts, Mountain & Arctic expert, science communication, women in STEM Fort Lewis College English -7
Natalie Enright Jerger Engineer Computer architecture, processor design University of Toronto English -5
Karl Zelik Engineer prosthetic limbs, exoskeletons, exosuits, smart clothing, biomechanics, human movement, walking, running, neuromechanics, wearables, assistive technology, rehabilitation engineering, human augmentation, legged locomotion Vanderbilt University English -6
Celine St. Pierre Geneticist Genetics, Human Genetics, Psychiatric Genetics, Neurogenetics, Genomics, GWAS, Population Genetics, Next-Generation Sequencing, Sequencing, Statistics, Biostatistics, Mouse Models, Behavior, Behavioral Genetics, Parent-of-origin effects Washington University in St. Louis English -6
Helen Priddle Biologist ivf, in vitro fertilisation, fertility CRGW English 0
Ellen Brennan Neuroscientist neuroimaging techniques, electrophysiology, how neurons communicate, circuits, electrophysiological tools, epilepsy, memory University of Michigan English -5
Joanne Kamens Biologist Founder MASS AWIS, mentoring, open science, reproducibility, molecular biology, women in science, Addgene English -5
Veronica Tamsitt Oceanographer Antarctic and Southern Ocean oceanography, ocean circulation, ocean currents, climate change, ocean and climate modeling, ocean observations, climate models University of New South Wales English +10
Itzel Calleja-Macias Molecular biologist human papilloma virus, cervical cancer Vanguard University English, Spanish -7
Ashley Melnick Biologist Infertility, male infertility, female reproduction, male reproduction, male physiology, female physiology University of Michigan English +3
Rawan Almallahi Chemical Engineer Heterogeneous catalysis, membrane reactors, materials University of Michigan English, Arabic -5
Sara Isbell Neuroscientist neuroscience, biology, chemistry, women in STEM Mercaptor Discoveries English -7
Rodrigo Martinez Designer / Bio-genetics / Futurist Overall genetic test space; whole genome sequencing; design / innovation in health; freediving Veritas Genetics English, Spanish -5
Frances Rivera-Hernandez Planetary Geologist Sedimentology, Geomorphology, Planetary Geology, Polar environments, Remote Sensing, Thermal infrared spectroscopy, GIS, Mars, Astrophysics Dartmouth College Spanish, English -4
Acadia Tucker Regenerative Farming Soil science, advice for new gardeners, regenerative agriculture, carbon sequestration, soil health, compost Stone Pier Press English -4
Jennifer Lannon Entrepreneur, Patient Egg Freezing, Elective Egg Freezing, Social Egg Freezing, Fertility Preservation, Delaying Childbearing Freeze Health English, Spanish -4
Beth Linas Infectious disease epidemiologist Digital health, Infectious diseases, epidemiology methods, science communication Vibrent Health -4
Kathryn Milligan-Myhre Microbiologist Host-microbe interactions, microbiology, immune, gut, intestine, IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, inflammation University of Alaska Anchorage -8
January Weiner Biologist bioinformatics, biomarkers, tuberculosis, statistics Max Planck Institut für Infektionsbiologie English, German, Polish +1
Gwendolyn Burgess Behavioral Scientist self administration; operant conditioning; drugs of abuse; opioid pharmacology; opioid drugs; neuropharmacology University of Michigan None -5
Karen Bullock Social Work Researcher mental health, aging, health care disparities, end-of-life care North Carolina State University English -4
Michelle Rivers Cognitive Psychologist metacognition, learning, memory, education Kent State University English -4
Meredith Hughes Astronomer planet formation, radio astronomy, accretion disks Wesleyan University English -5
Jessica Vogelsang Veterinarian animals, pet health, pet medicine, one health Pawcurious Media LL United States -7
Christopher Blaszczak-Boxe Environmental Scientist and Engineer Numerical-Modeling of Solar and Extrasolar Planetary Atmospheres & Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York English -4
Criss Ittermann Life Coach dissociative identity disorder, DID, multiple personality disorder, MPD, multiple personalities, dissociative disorders, OSDD, plural pride, plural movement, plural activism, childhood trauma, child sexual abuse, C-PTSD, PTSD, emotional abuse, gaslighting Liberated Life Coaching English -5
Bethany Little Psychology Researcher Cognitive neuropsychology, behaviour behavior informatics Newcastle University English 0
Erin Harrington Bird ecologist Bird ecologist, citizen science, american woodcock Project Timberdoodle, University of Rhode Island -5
Michael Dubendris Sexual Health Sexual health, STD, STI STDAware English +5
Priya Nanjappa wildlife biologist and herpetologist Herpetology, Amphibian conservation, Conservation biology, Ecology, Road ecology, Wildlife management, Conservation policy, Wildlife policy, Nonprofit leadership, Partnerships, invasive species policy, and wildlife health/disease ecology Conservation Science Partners English -6
Margaret Wooldridge Mechanical Engineer Energy systems, power and propulsion, alternative and conventional fuels, renewable energy, combustion Universiy of Michigan English -4
Jessie Hawkins Integrative Health Research Scientist clinical trials, meta-analyses, health promotion, public health, essential oils, botanical medicine, preventive care, womens health Franklin Institute of Wellness None -6
Beth Gardiner Author of forthcoming book on air pollution Air pollution, its health effects, causes and solutions Freelance English 0
Martha Smith-Blackmore, DVM Forensic veterinarian veterinary medicine, forensic veterinary medicine, animal welfare, public safety Forensic Veterinary Investigations, LLC english -5
Stefania Gorgopa Marine biologist, citizen science researcher marine conservation, rockfish, Salish sea Guardians of the Deep English -7
Anne-Lise Routier Biophysicist Biomechanics, Cell growth, Plant biology, Modelling, modeling, Plant growth and morphogenesis, Cell and organ mechanics Mechanosensing University of Montreal French, English, Polish -5
Alina Fisher Biologist Conservation science, ecology, biodiversity, conservation, science communication, social media, women in science Environmental Studies, UVIC English, Romanian -8
Matthew Kane Psychology Deception detection, body language, lie detection Solaris Intelligence English -8
Saskia de Wildt Clinical Pharmacologist, pediatrician clinical pharmacology, pediatrics, drug development, intensive care, pediatric surgery Radboud University Medical Center English, Dutch +2
Gretchen Goldman environmental engineer scientific integrity, political interference in science-based standards, hydraulic fracturing, climate change, sugar, chemicals Union of Concerned Scientists -5
Patricia Silveyra Biologist/Physiologist Lung physiology, lung disease, air pollution, sex differences, sex hormones The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill English, Spanish, Portuguese +4
Kayse Maass Mathematician, Industrial Engineer, Operations Researcher Optimization, Decision Science, Human Trafficking, Social Justice, Mental Health Access, Health Care Northeastern University English -4
Charlotte Birkmanis Marine biology, ecology sharks, predators, climate change, shark habitat, ecology, mesopredator release, trophic cascades, Indian Ocean, Australian waters, marine ecology, ocean, animal, zoology, marine biology, anthropogenic, science, marine conservation University of Western Australia Oceans Institute english, mandarin chinese +8
Laura Widman Psychologist psychology, public health, sexual health, sexual communication, adolescent sexual health, HIV prevention, STD prevention North Carolina State University English -5
Ann Ross Forensic Anthropologist forensics, forensic anthropology, human identification, radiographic identification, trauma analysis, forensic science North Carolina State University English, Spanish -5
Shanna Kattari Social scientist Transgender health, Disability, ableism, microaggressions, LGBTQ health, kink, BDSM, polyamory, chronic illness, sex and disability University of Michigan English -4
Nicole Buan Microbiologist microbe, bacteria, archaea, methane, synthetic biology, systems biology, genetic engineering, metabolism, renewable, biosynthesis, electron transport, ATP synthesis, extreme biology, growth optimization, fermentation, respiration, bioreactors University of Nebraska-Lincoln english -6