Pronouns she/her
Type of expert plant scientist
Expertise President Global Plant Council, food security, plant-animal interactions, cassava, sorghum, cyanide, toxic plants,
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Skype username rosgleadow
Twitter @rosgleadow
Language English
Time zone +10 GMT
City Melbourne
State Vic
Country Australia
Notes Professor of Plant Science, President of the Global Plant Council. Researches the effect of climate change on food security, especially the nutritional value of plants and changes in toxicity. The group studies the impact of climate change on the chemical composition of tropical crops. We focus on two crops that contain cyanide: forage sorghum and cassava. We also have projects on crop wild relatives, cyanogenic eucalypts, desiccation tolerant plants, the response of taro to sea level rise and the use of cycads by first people.
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