Pronouns she/her
Type of expert environmental social scientist, geographer
Expertise societal importance of soils, sustainability & environmental issues in food production, sociology of scientific knowledge and practices in modern farming, public participation in science, farmer-expert interactions, farmers' knowledge & innovation
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Twitter @Anna_K_speaking
Language English, Polish, Italian
Time zone +1 GMT
City Sheffield
Country United Kingdom
Notes Her research concerns agriculture and food as the key spheres for the interaction between human and more-than-human worlds. She is especially interested in environmental knowledge, ethics, and affect, and how these shape and are shaped by rural and food-related spaces and practices. Her work engages frequently with the natural sciences. Consequently, her research also investigates the potential for ‘opening up’ the spaces of scientific knowledge production to non-certified expertise, as well as challenging the persistent division of labour between social and natural sciences in speaking about materiality, life, and ecology. For the last few years Anna has been exploring the reconceptualization of soils as lively ecosystems in conventional agricultural practice and its related knowledge fields, and the consequences of this for the future of agriculture and land use.
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