Pronouns She/her
Type of expert Academic, Behavioural Scientist specialising in environmental behaviour
Expertise Environmental behavior, Behavioral scientist
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Skype username Ganga Shreedhar
Language English, Tamil
City London
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Country United Kingdom
Notes Ganga is an applied behavioural and experimental economist studying how to change human behaviour in ways that simultaneously benefit people and the planet. She is interested in how, when and why people take action - or fail to – to address complex and ‘wicked’ global environmental social dilemmas like climate change and the sixth mass extinction. Her research looks at how individual and contextual factors motivate environmentally relevant choices across different types of consumer and citizen domains (e.g. travel, diet and altruistic actions like giving time and money) and how they can be deployed in interventions – like behaviourally ‘smart’ informational campaigns, nudges and incentives – to ultimately create sustainable habits.
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