Pronouns she/her
Type of expert Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
Expertise forensic psychology, stress management, avoiding career fatigue, mental illness, cultural competence
Email address {# #}
Primary phone number 917-979-3743 {# #}
Skype username drmarshabrown
Twitter @drmarshabrown
Language English
Time zone -4 GMT
City Fort Lauderdale/Miami
State Florida
Country United States
Notes I have expertise in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of people of all ages, backgrounds, and clinical presentations. As a forensic expert, I have served as a consultant and expert witness on numerous cases in family and criminal courts. During my work in the above areas, I also began helping legal professionals to maintain mental wellness and avoid career fatigue through effective stress management techniques. Currently, my private practice has two main areas of focus: 1) Forensic Evaluator and Expert Witness and 2) Stress and Mental Health Management for individuals in high-stress occupations.
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