Pronouns He/Him
Type of expert Psychologist, Addiction Specialist, Author
Expertise Mental Health, Psychology, Addiction, Recovery, Relationships, Infidelity, Sex Addiction, Harm Reduction,
Email address
Primary phone number
Twitter @DrAdiJaffe
Language English, Hebrew
Time zone -8 GMT
City Los Angeles
State CA
Country United States
Notes 1/ I am anti-12-step. I believe that AA and other similar programs just perpetuate the shame that drives one to start and keep using as well as leaves them feeling powerless to the substance. 2/ I don’t believe someone has to completely quit to be recovered and released the best-seller, "The Abstinence Myth" in 2018 to spread the message. 3/ I don't believe in “once an addict, always an addict". These labels limit us in all aspects of life. With over half a million views of my famous TEDx talk "Rebranding your labels", it's clear this message isn't going unnoticed. 4/ I preach compassion instead of contempt. I believe there is enough shame in the world and that to really help folks is to show those who are struggling complete compassion. 5/ I am a harm reduction advocate meaning I support legalization, decriminalization, and use of MATs (medically assisted treatment). I get a lot of flack from people on the web for my progressive stance on this sensitive topic. 6/ I've got a pretty wild past that also makes me relatable to others who may be currently struggling- After spending time in jail & struggling with meth and sex addiction, I got my doctorate in Psychology at UCLA, opened my own alternative rehab, and spoke at multiple TEDx events. 7/ I'm a seasoned writer and have my own column on Psychology Today where I talk about addiction/mental health issues.
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