Type of expert Therapist / Mental Health Professional
Website https://www.veredcounseling.com/
Expertise transgender, autism, ASD, ADHD, disability, chronic illness, neuroscience, change, relationships, self-care, queer, teenagers, college students
Email address Vered@VeredCounseling.com
Primary phone number 5122008860
Secondary phone number 5122008860
Language English
Time zone -6 GMT
City Austin
State TX
Country United States
Notes Vered is a therapist who specializes in working with transgender teens and young adults in the south. Many patients face marginalization in multiple intersecting ways, including disabilities, chronic illness, and racial discrimination. Vered helps families advocate for themselves and navigate school and medical systems. Vered specializes in helping people with autism and ADHD celebrate themselves and navigate a world not set up for neurodiversity. Vered has a degree in neuroscience and continues to synthesize new research into existing therapeutic models. Vered is a member of many groups mentioned above, including being first-generation, queer, and neurodivergent.
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