Pronouns she/her
Type of expert Microbiologist, Mycologist, Ecologist, Biologist, Environmental Scientist
Expertise soil microbial ecology, fungal ecology, wildfires
Email address
Primary phone number
Twitter @sydneyglassman
Language English
Time zone -7 GMT
City Riverside
State CA
Country United States
Notes My research focuses on understanding patterns and processes governing microbial diversity, and their ecosystem functions such as terrestrial symbioses and decomposition. I am particularly interested in how increasing disturbances in the age of the Anthropocene impact soil microbial communities and their functions. I specialize in mycorrhizal fungi and soil fungi and bacteria. I received my B.A. in Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, where I also received a Masters of Environmental Studies. I completed my Ph.D. in Environmental Science, Policy, & Management at UC Berkeley with Prof. Tom Bruns. I completed my post-doc on microbial contribution to leaf litter decomposition with Prof. Jennifer Martiny at UC Irvine.
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