Pronouns She/Her
Type of expert Marine Biologist
Expertise Climate change, fisheries, aquaculture, adaptation, science communication, interdisciplinary ecology, citizen science
Email address
Primary phone number
Twitter @Gretta.Pecl
Language English
Time zone +10 GMT
City Kingston
State TAS
Country Australia
Notes Gretta Pecl is a Professor of marine ecology with broad interdisciplinary research interests and a passion for science engagement and communication with the public. Much of her current research centres around understanding climate change impacts in marine systems, and how our marine industries and communities may best adapt to these changes. She developed and leads the very successful National citizen science project Redmap Australia, the Range Extension Database and mapping project, which invites fishers and divers around our coastline to help monitor changes in our seas. Gretta is also currently working with international colleagues on a Global Network of Marine Hotspots to facilitate learning and communication among the world’s most rapidly warming ocean regions. Professor Pecl is a Fulbright Fellow, an ARC future fellow, a Lead Author for the current IPCC assessment report and is on the editorial board of various journals.
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