Pronouns They/he
Type of expert Palaeontologist
Expertise Paleontology, Crocodiles, Evolution, Vertebrate Evolution
Email address
Primary phone number
Twitter @CrocBlob
Language English, German
City London
Country United Kingdom
Notes I'm a researcher at UCL, working in crocodile evolution & general methodology in evolutionary studies. I'm trans, bi, and on the autism spectrum and am one of the two founders & mods of the Trans in STEM network. My research focuses mainly on the evolution of Crocodylomorpha, specifically the 200 million year old crocodylomorph group of Neosuchia which contains all modern species of crocodile, alligator and the gharial. I am working on reconstructing their ancestral relationships, the timing of when the different families arose and how they achieved their biogeographical distribution. In addition, I also work on the methodology of phylogenetic reconstruction, looking at how we can improve the accuracy of reconstruction by using continuous characters and different methods of character weighting. In particular, I focus on how the problematic effects of homoplasy and convergent evolution can be mitigated by using these new methods.
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