Pronouns ey/em, they/them, she/her, whatever
Type of expert Evolutionary biologist, geneticist
Expertise plant biology, evolutionary biology, genetics, evolution, sex chromosomes
Email address
Primary phone number
Skype username Joanna Rifkin
Twitter @Joanna.Rifkin
Language English
Time zone -5 GMT
City Toronto
State Ontario
Country Canada
Notes I love the weird and wild stories created by evolution acting on random variation. Vegetarian spiders, beetles that mimic wasps, pitcher plants that have evolved into toilets, what's not to like? In my work, I study the strange and variable sex lives of plants, which explode many of the assumptions we bring with us from mammals. The evolution of sex interests me in part because I'm nonbinary but most people assume I'm female, so I'm aware of issues affecting women and LGBTQ+ people in STEM.
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