Pronouns she/her
Type of expert Biologist
Expertise molecular biology, genetics, weed biology, genetic engineering, genomics, seed biology, plant husbandry, circadian biology, root biology
Email address {# #}
Primary phone number 07735453105 {# #}
Skype username danarmacgregor
Twitter @plantenv
Language English, French
City Harpenden
State Hertfordshire
Country United Kingdom
Notes I am a Weed Molecular Biologist at Rothamsted Research. In my career I ask how plants chose the right molecular responses that allow them, or their offspring, to survive the challenges of their environment. I am currently applying my molecular genetics training (B.S., PhD and two post-doctoral positions) to agricultural weeds. At Rothamsted Research, I ask how the arable weed black-grass can thrive in the agri-environment, despite our best efforts to eradicate it. I am a woman setting up my own lab in which we use unbiased approaches to discover genes that underpin black-grass’ weediness and are establishing methods for hypothesis-led research to be done directly in black-grass. More at
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