Pronouns she/her
Type of expert Biologist
Expertise marine sponges, climate change, genomics, ecology, reproduction, thermal stress, transcriptomics
Email address
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Skype username
Twitter @aliciaprzporro
Language English, Spanish, Catalan
Time zone -4 GMT
City Brooklyn
State New York
Country United States
Notes I am a research associate at the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution) Invertebrates Zoology Dept. working with marine sponges by day, and a board member of the Spanish Scientists in USA non-profit (ECUSA) by night. I started and chair the Commission for Women in Science/MECUSA at ECUSA and am a proud member of the Homeward Bound 2018 team and a 2018 Women InPower fellow. I am a passionate advocate for Women in Science and also a dancer.
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