Pronouns she/her
Type of expert Marriage and Family Therapist
Expertise Mental health, relationships, cultural competence, LGBTQ, couples, polyamory, sex, counseling, psychotherapy, marriage, diversity, adjunct teaching
Email address {# #}
Primary phone number 510-599-5467 {# #}
Skype username sheila.m.addison
Twitter @drsaddison
Language English
Time zone -8 GMT
City Oakland
State CA
Country United States
Notes Queer (bisexual), fat, cisgender white woman from a Midwest, working-class background. Now in an "alt-ac" or "post-ac" job working for myself outside the world of academia after breaking up with the ivory tower. I work with clients, supervise, train other therapists, and do the Ally Skills Workshop (created by the Ada Initiative) in corporate & academic settings.
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