Type of expert Biologist
Website https://www.clemson.edu/science/departments/biosci/directory/profiles/jbaezam
Expertise natural history, evolutionary biology, phylogenetics, mitochondrial genomics, marine science, evolutionary and evironmental biology, marine biology, Molecular Phylogenetics, Invertebrate Biology
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Skype username Antonio Baeza
Language English, Spanish
Time zone -1 GMT
City Clemson
State South Carolina
Country United States
Notes We are interested in various topics in the fields of Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Phylogenetics & Phylogeography and Fisheries Biology. We use marine invertebrates, some of them economically valuable, as model systems. Our research is both hypothesis and curiosity driven and we use a combination of molecular phylogenies, natural history observations, basic modeling approaches, and manipulative experiments to accomplish our research goals. Our current research programs have two main focuses (1) non-applied research on the behavioral ecology and evolutionary biology of marine invertebrates in order to understand the diversification process and (2) applied research aimed at generating information relevant for proposing measures for the sustainable use of exploited marine invertebrates. The model systems we are using include various groups of marine decapods crustaceans, including crabs, shrimps, and most recently, spiny lobsters
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