Pronouns She/Her
Type of expert Environmental Health and Public Health Data Scientist
Expertise Biomarkers, Maternal health, Child Health, metabolic disease, obesity and adiposity, phenols, Public data mining, exposure science, BPA, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), phthalates, pesticides, asthma, neurodevelopment
Email address
Primary phone number
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Skype username Lori.hoepner
Twitter @Ecowizeadvising
Language English
Time zone -4 GMT
City Brooklyn
State NY
Country United States
Notes Note: Her research efforts have included studies of the World Trade Center tragedy and HIV/AIDS behavioral research. In addition, Dr. Hoepner has over 20 years of organizational and analytical data management expertise involving complex health assessment and public health research datasets. With her background in health disparities research, Dr. Hoepner has the goal of understanding the intricacies of race/ethnicity, sex and socioeconomics as they pertain to environmental health from a global perspective, as well as from a community-wide perspective.
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