Pronouns She/her
Type of expert Medical Geographer, disease ecologist, climate-health issues, global change and global health
Expertise Climate-health, dengue, malaria, Zika, global health, global change, disease ecology, medical geography, landscape ecology
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Twitter @SadieRyan
Language English
Time zone -4 GMT
City Gainesville
State FL
Country United States
Notes Our research currently focuses on climate-health issues, vector borne disease modeling, insecticide resistance, geospatial models of intervention, and quantifying the social-ecological risk of vector borne disease exposure. We work with the applied realm, aiming to align our model findings with real-world decision making frameworks and scales. We seek to inform vector control, surveillance, and guide and engage further research into these systems. We also work on ecology at the human-wildlife interface, particularly where it pertains to disease ecology, conservation biology, and wildlife management. We use methods from landscape ecology (GIS, remote sensing, spatial analyses), quantitative ecology, and epidemiology to analyze landscape change, health outcomes, and the impact of anthropogenic changes, including climate change. We use dynamic and statistical models to explore questions in population, community and disease ecology, to augment field-based research.
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