Pronouns she/her
Type of expert Biologist
Expertise Evolutionary biology, herpetology
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Primary phone number 2092282596 {# #}
Twitter @EdwardsHerpLab
Language English
Time zone -1 GMT
City Merced
State CA
Country United States
Notes Our research focuses on understanding how the environment impacts the evolution of phenotype and behavior in reptiles, mostly lizards. To do this, we incorporate ecological, genomic, behavioral and phenotypic information to look at: 1) How landscape and climatic change impacts the evolutionary history of species; 2) How shifts in ecological niche drive phenotypic evolution; and 3) How ecological and sexual selection interact in phenotypic and behavioral evolution in diversification and speciation. We are also interested in using integrative studies to inform conservation management strategies for reptiles and amphibians. Most of our research focuses on the semi-arid and arid regions of the world. These environments are some of the most recently derived and extreme environments on the planet, they are also expanding with human-induced climate change. Please see our research page for more specific details on our current projects.